22 February 2015

Morning skincare routine

I’m a firm believer that treating your skin well can will only benefit while it  ages and how radiant it looks.

You need to know when reading this post that my skin is the dry / dehydrated / sensitive type. So in most products you will find some kind of moisture boosting.

In the mornings I like to start with a light cleans. Lately I’m using the Vichy Pureté Thermale 3 – in – 1 one step cleanser. It’s just enough to clean your face and remove the oils produced over night. It says on the bottle to use with a cotton bud, but I like to use my hands and massage it onto the skin. I remove it with a bit of water afterwards.

To start the hydration I’m using the Clarins hydraquench serum followed up by the Clarins hydraquench cream. The combination of these two really helps with the dryness and dehydration of my skin. Its still sensitive and gets red very easily, but feels much more comfortable.

Because the skin underneath your eyes is the thinnest of your whole body, it definitely deserves some attention as well. At the moment I’m using the Clarins Multi Régénérante Sérum Super Lift-Contour Yeux.

As a last step in my morning skincare routine I will use a little bit of the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm