08 May 2016

Happy mothers day

Today it’s mothers day, a day to celebrate each and every mother but most off al my mom. I asked her to take these pictures together, not only for the purpose of this post but also to have some nice  memories and frames to look back on. 

I spent a lot of time at my parents house. Every Sunday morning I have breakfast at theirs. Not only do we have funny moments, I also appreciate here opinion and the fact she's always there listening to me rambling on and on and her continuous support on the things I do or undertake.

When I flash back to my childhood and the things my mother thought me, I think about:
  • always being on time
  • always being kind to everyone around you
  • appreciating the things done for you by others
  • to be thankful for what you have at this moment
  • dare to dream and do the things that make you happy
  • and last but not least, don’t drink from the milk bottle :)
these are not only things I’ve learned, these are things I will teach my children in the future. 

So thanks mom for being there through everything, for these pictures and I can’t wait for future moments and memories.

What are the things you’ve learned through the years from your mom or what do you appreciate about her? 

Photos taken by Robin Suy 

Me: Dress - Line&dot / Wedges -  / Shoulder bag - ChloĆ© / Watch - RodaniaRiva Hoop Ring and Moonstone Ring - Monica Vinader 

Mom: Dress - Zalando / Shoes - / Necklaces - Carre Blue / Bag - Sophie Hulme