30 October 2016

Why I've started blogging

Why did I start my blog? Back in november 2014 I was working as an engineer in a global pharmaceutical company and I really needed to do something for myself, something I should really like and gives me joy. Making beautiful content, taking pictures and fashion are some things I’ve always loved. So combining  those three was what I did in creating YUS, now almost exactly two years ago. I was a bit afraid of what people might think or say the first time I clicked the publish button (if you are really curious you can find one here) but slowly I was gaining confidence in what I was doing on my little place of the internet. 

Two years further now, I am working at a different place then I was back then. I changed carrier, started teaching pilates and now I’m in a place where I really enjoy all the things I do. This is something that really responds in my content as well. It made me more confident and even more creative. 

Off course it’s not something I couldn’t do without my two photographers (Robin and Yoeri) who also learned a lot about photography during these years. So I’m really grateful for their time and patience, for all the shoots we did and all of whom are still coming in the future. 

Photos taken by Yoeri Dierckx

Black jeans - J Brand / Blouse - NAN / Black ankle boots - Zara / Bag - Céline Paris / Coat - Cristina Effe / Watch - RodaniaRiva Hoop Ring and Moonstone Ring - Monica Vinader