30 December 2014

Our London trip

A few days before Christmas Liesbeth (my niece), Jan (her boyfriend), Yoeri and I made a little trip to London. I was really looking forward to this because it has been a long time since Yoeri and I had some quality time together. And it was the first time we travelled with Liesbeth and Jan. I loved it!

Because it was our first time in London, we did some major touristic things, but we all loved it. We visited Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, walked near Buckingham palace and over the Tower Bridge. We liked wondering around the big monuments and just laugh, talk and spend time together.
Beside that we of course did a bit off shopping in the evenings. An advantage of going to London right before Christmas is that all the stores and streets are wonderfully decorated with fairy lights.

I loved seeing this little bit of London. I hope to go back someday because there is so much more to see and explore.
Hope you liked these few shots from our London trip. 

Photos taken by Yoeri Dierckx