09 December 2014

Overnight facial

Watch out because there is a huge rave coming in these next few lines.
I’ve heard so many great things about the Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial and my skin was going a bit crazy these past few weeks. So on my last order on Feel Unique I’ve broke the bank and included it to my basket.
I’ve only started using it for two weeks, but it already made such a difference. The dry patches are slowly disappearing, my skin looks more vibrant, and the redness around my chin area is finally going away. Even my boyfriend is commenting on how soft my skin feels.

The overnight facial is a serum-oil which I apply after cleansing. On some days I add a moisturizer on top of it. It’s basically an all in one product: serum, moisturizer and oil all combined. So I don’t feel the need to add a moisturizer on top every day. It depends on how my skin feels that moment. Or if I did my evening routine at 7 o’clock (wild times, I know), I like to re add a bit of moisture right before bed time.
I truly think it’s worth the money.

The key ingredients are: antioxidants, vitamins, anti-inflammatory omega oils, firming Dermaxyl™ peptide, jasmine and rose. Renovage™, to increase the life span of cells, and anti-ageing vitamin A are combined with botanical extracts and exotic essential oils to leave your skin refreshed and radiant.