27 March 2016

Something a bit different

The last two weeks have been very strange and emotional in so many ways. At the last day of our holiday we received the most devastating news of losing my most beloved grandfather. Everything seems a bit off since then, we laugh and cry, we think of things we never used to think of any more. And we tell each other memories we love about long lost times. It’s so hard loosing a person you love, to whom you look up to.  

Then this Tuesday the 22. March Brussel was the victim of such a cruel act of violence. At the time of the attacks my father was in Brussels and you can’t describe the fear until the relieving message that he was safe. My father got lucky, but there are so many daughters, mothers, fathers, friends who didn’t get that releasing message. 
I’ve read these words somewhere: It’s not very Belgian to be proud to be Belgian. But if there’s one feeling I got after the attacks is the feeling of love, compassion and kindness. So many people offer their help, others offered a shoulder to cry on and candles were put on different front doors in the streets at night.  
I still can’t understand the thoughts of these people, why using such violence and hurt so many innocent people all over the world.  

If there’s one thing we should do, is keep on going. Don’t let them tell us what to do, think or feel. So yesterday we went shooting pictures just like we did before. And today we celebrate the second birthday of my little nephew!

It’s not something I talk about a lot. I think I’m better at writing these words down than speaking them out loud.  

I didn’t talk about fashion nor beauty, the easy things in life this time but I will still end this post the same way andI hope you will…


Pictures taken by Robin Suy

Blazer - Zara / Dress - Sugarhill / Ankle boots - Zara / Hat - Reiss / Shoulder bag - ChloĆ© / Watch - RodaniaRiva Hoop Ring and Moonstone Ring - Monica Vinader / Earrings – Carre Blue