25 September 2016

Feeling sexy and confident

Fall is officially here, and so are the cosy knits, colour changing leafs and everything burgundy. Also in fall I like to dig out some scented candles and soft blankets to make those darkening evenings more cosy. 

When in fall and definitely when it starts to cool down even more we tend to hide under a dozen of layers. Adore Me believes woman deserve to feel sexy every single day, something I definitely agree on. The way I like to feel confident (and a little bit sexy) is by adding some nice lingerie. Something nobody sees, but you definitely know! 

My go to uniform in fall is a standard blue jeans, an overside sweater and a pair of comfy shoes. The outfit i'm wearing here, is something you see me wearing a whole lot these days. Easy to throw on and run around


Photos taken by Robin Suy