01 January 2015

December favourites

Happy New Year!!!!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year ‘s Eve. It’s 2015, time to take a final look at the past year. Here are my favourites of December.

Clarins HydraQuench Cream Moisturiser: I’ve been using this day cream for a couple of months now and really enjoy using it. It moisturizes my skin without making it feel to greasy or making my skin look too shiny. It has a lightweight feel to it and sinks into my skin wonderfull.

Eylure pro-lash individuals: With the party season at the end of this past month I’ve been using these individuals a lot. I like to add a few  individual lashes to the outer corners of my eyes to give them a more winged look. I prefer using individuals over strip lashes because these are more comfortable and you can make the look as dramatic as you want.

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream: I love this hand cream! It makes my hand feel as soft as a baby. I like to apply a thick layer in the evenings right before bedtime. Because it’s thicker in consistency its magic will work a lot longer during night time.

Neoxeo Portable phone charger: Since my Iphone isn’t performing so well on the battery front I’ve been using this portable phone charger a lot. My battery usually runs down around noon at these days because of the amount of photos I’ve been taking. At those moments a technical gadget like this comes in really handy. It contains around two times my battery limit.

Chanel Rouge allure lipstick in Fantastique (112): As a final favourite I wanted to include this red lipstick by Chanel. I have it for quite awhile now but it’s only since these past two months I started using it. In the beginning I was scared of wearing a red lipstick but now I see myself reaching for it more often than before.

Which product have you been loving in December, or maybe in the whole of 2014? I would love to read your recommendations.