27 July 2016

food, good company and strolls

Last week we went to Antwerp again, to shoot some pictures. Beforehand we had the most lovely brunch (actually lunch) at Mirlo’s. A beautiful little place where they serve the best french toast with a lot of fresh fruits. 
With a full stomach we went out to explore and wondered around the little, cosy streets of Antwerp on the hunt for some picturesque places. Not only did we find the places in these shots, we also did find a few others for upcoming blogposts.
Last time we went to the city, we also went for a nice breakfast and wondered around. Can you guess we like food, good company and a stroll trough the city. 

The outfit we shot was one I wore the week before and got lots of compliments over, while I wasn’t really shore about it. One of the reasons this outfit came together was because of most of my other clothes still needed to be ironed. 
I didn’t think I would wear this suede skirt as much as I do during spring and summer, but it’s a nice, easy to combine, colour and easy to wear, even this time of year. 

Photos taken by Robin Suy 


Blazer - Kocca / Suede skirt - Topshop / T-shirt - WE Fashion / Boots - Michael Kors / Bag - ChloĆ© / Watch - Lotus / Riva Hoop Ring and Moonstone Ring - Monica Vinader